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Winter doesn't bring us bright colors. To add color to winter, many people buy houseplants that bloom during this special time of year. Indoor plants are not only beautiful, but they are also good for our health and well-being. In addition to being a comforting addition, they add oxygen to the air, absorb carbon dioxide and increase the humidity of a room. Beginning in October, many plant species enter a dormant period. Their growth slows down and they do not bloom until summer. To enjoy yourself and your loved ones in December, take a closer look at the flowers that bloom in December. The flowers will delight you with their beauty during the cold season. In this article, we will discuss what are the beautiful indoor flowers that bloom in December, and together with the website bubgo.com, we will study how to keep flowers in winter, to see what is needed to bloom.

10 Beautiful Indoor Flowers That Bloom in December

What Are the Conditions Needed for Flowers to Bloom in December?

The right light regime. This can be provided by increasing lighting or by placing pots on the brightest windowsill in the house. Establish a proper temperature regime for each plant. There should be no sudden changes in temperature.

Properly place plants in spaces so that they are not moved or shifted later. Many plants do not like to change location frequently. Observe the flower. If it grows and blooms well in a particular location, don't move it unnecessarily.


Which Flowers Bloom in December

1. Laceleaf (Anthurium)

1_Laceleaf (Anthurium) - 10 Beautiful Indoor Flowers That Bloom in December

It blooms almost all year round. In winter, the flower actively continues to produce flower arrows. It is a tropical plant, so it likes humidity and warmth. Frequent spraying will only be good for it. But do not spray on the inflorescence. It will become spotted and wilt faster.

Tip: To keep the soil moist longer, place sphagnum moss on the surface. This will act as a mulch and also has an antibacterial effect. laceleaf blooms all year round.


2. Peace lily (Spathiphyllum)

2_Peace lily (Spathiphyllum) - 10 Beautiful Indoor Flowers That Bloom in December

The peace lily is also a representative of the tropics. It does not like direct sunlight or frequent shifting from one place to another. It blooms all year round. It prefers warm showers and frequent sprays of water. Watered moderately, it responds poorly to over-watering and underwater watering.


3. African violets (Streptocarpus)

3_African violets (Streptocarpus) - 10 Beautiful Indoor Flowers That Bloom in December

There are many species of African violets. In December, many of them actively flower. There is no apparent dormancy period. Flowering continues throughout the year.

Tip: For more active flowering in winter, place the pot in the brightest spot or put a light nearby to increase light. It prefers moderate watering, making sure the soil is always moist.


4. Geraniums (Pelargonium)

4_Geraniums (Pelargonium)- 10 Beautiful Indoor Flowers That Bloom in December

If it is not cut back in the fall and placed in a shady place, it will continue to bloom at home until spring. Place Geraniums pots in the brightest place. Do not replant the plant until spring. If the summer flowers are in the street, then they should be brought into the house in September or early October so the plants can adjust to the new conditions.

It is normal for some of the leaves to turn yellow and dry out after bringing the pot indoors. In winter, the plant needs moderate watering and a cool environment.


5. Azalea

In nature, Azalea blooms in the spring, but now they have learned to make the plant bloom at any time of the year. If you buy Azalea that blooms in December, remember that it likes to be moist. Keep the soil moist by spraying frequently. Arrange for her to be backlit and in more direct sunlight. Postpone transfer and transplanting until early spring.


6. Schlumbergera

6_Schlumbergera - 10 Beautiful Indoor Flowers That Bloom in December

It is named for its flowering in late November and early December. There are many varieties of this plant with different flower colors. In the past, "December" was not very popular, although it was quite common in many households. Thanks to breeding, it has been given a "second life". In nature, it grows in tropical areas. It prefers high humidity and plenty of shade. When it blooms, it needs to be watered very well. Treat it by showering it with warm water and spraying it with a sprayer. The root ball should always be kept moist.

It also has a dormant period. This period lasts from March to September. During this time, watering should be reduced to a minimum. During the warmer months, it is best to take the pot outside and place it in a dark place.

Tip: During germination and flowering, plants should not be replanted, moved, or unnecessarily disturbed.


7. Cyclamen

7_Cyclamen - 10 Beautiful Indoor Flowers That Bloom in December

This is a perennial plant with tuberous roots. The flowering period lasts from autumn to spring. This means that an adult shrub will keep you in bloom all winter. If you have several varieties of Cyclamen, then a flowering windowsill will be provided for you.

This is a compact and highly ornamental plant. It produces a lush corolla of flowers. The flowers come in a variety of colors. There are white Cyclamen and also various colors of pink. With this plant, you need to learn how to handle it properly. It does not like to be over-watered, but the soil should not be allowed to dry out.

During the dormant period (May-June), it sheds all its leaves and flowers; to the inexperienced florist, it may look as if it is dead. But this is not the case. Simply move the pot to a cool place and make sure it does not dry out.

Tip: The plant's sap is poisonous and can cause itching and redness if it comes into contact with the skin. Wear gloves when handling and do not leave them in children's rooms.


8. Orchids (Orchidaceae)

8_Orchids (Orchidaceae)- 10 Beautiful Indoor Flowers That Bloom in December

Depending on the species, some Orchids go into "hibernation" in December, while others begin to bloom vigorously. Orchids in full bloom are sold in stores throughout the year. To extend the blooming period, Orchids need more light, no ventilation, and no cold air on the flowers and foliage.

Fertilize every 10 days to increase the humidity of the air near the plant. Flowering can last a month or more. orchids prefer warmth and humidity. To keep the plants from dropping buds and blooming, you need to maintain a constant temperature and not replant or rearrange plants unnecessarily.


9. Widow's-thrill (Kalanchoe)

In order to get it to flower in December, you need to let it "regenerate" in the summer - either by almost strong pruning at the roots or by cutting off some plugs, rooting them, and planting them as new plants.

Kalanchoe looks very nice in wide pots. By planting a large number of plugs in such pots, you will have lush flowering shrubs by December. Without proper care, the plant will stretch and look very untidy. It must be constantly formed or renewed by cuttings.


10. Poinsettia

10_Poinsettia- 10 Beautiful Indoor Flowers That Bloom in December

This plant is most often used for New Year's Eve and Christmas. It has very bright and beautifully colored leaf bracts. They are in the form of large rosettes that frame the small central flowers.

The most common bract color is red. But because this indoor flower has become so popular, breeders have bred new varieties. Copies are now sold with blue, lavender, beige, and pink bracts. And I don't think Poinsettia's breeding experiments will end there.

Remember, the sap of this plant is poisonous. So be very careful and keep small children away from it.


Advice on Caring for Flowers in Winter

Azalea, Poinsettia, and Spineflower like cool conditions. The ideal temperature is between 59-68 °F (15-20 °C). Flowering time is significantly shorter at warmer temperatures. During germination, temperatures should be slightly warmer than usual.

Most indoor flowers that bloom in December require moderate watering. For those plants placed on a windowsill, you should make a potholder out of Styrofoam, wood, or books to act as a buffer between the windowsill and the bottom of the pot. This will prevent the root system from becoming too cold.

Make sure the leaves of the plant do not come in contact with the cold glass of the window. If the radiator is "hot", make a protective border on one side of the room to protect the plant from the rolling air. You can use plywood, cardboard, or even plain thick polyethylene in several layers.

What kind of flowers do you grow at home? Share your feedback with other gardeners in the comments.

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