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Unfortunately, not every gardener can get a good harvest of strawberries. What do you do if the bush has a very poor number of berries and the plants are diseased and not bearing fruit? We have prepared for you a collection of strawberry care tips from agricultural science candidates, following which you can increase the yield of your favorite berries. You will learn more about 5 Tips for Caring for Strawberries to Get a Good Harvest by Bubgo article.


Caring for strawberries tip #1: Growing strawberries in the bed

Growing strawberries in beds is a proven way to produce an abundant berry crop and protect the crop from weeds. The beds are covered with black perforated film. Every 12-20 inches (30-50 cm), holes are punched in the perforated film through which the bushes will germinate.

Leaving 12 inches (30 cm) between bushes, berry varieties such as 'Florida Strawberry Festival', 'Romashka', 'Barabinskaya', will grow more efficiently and have a stable feeding area if there are at least 15-20 inches (40-50 cm) between them.

Tip: Weeds can go through holes: they can be easily pulled out of the ground. They usually do not grow under the material.


Caring for strawberries tip #2: Properly mulch the beds

It is recommended to spread sawdust between the rows of the strawberry garden as mulch. Another interesting one - cover the beds with pine nut hulls. It contains phytocides, substances that are beneficial for plants and protect them from diseases.

5 Tips for Caring for Strawberries to Get a Good Harvest

Caring for strawberries tip #3: Protection of berries from frost

Gardeners often find that prolonged frosts cause bushes to wilt and germinating berries to die, which can lead to the loss of strawberry crops.

To protect the bushes from frost damage, they should be adequately covered for the winter. Please note: The berries will only be covered if there is a prolonged frost around October. If you rush to cover the crop early when the daytime temperatures are still above freezing, the mulch may not work at all during the winter.
Some ways to cover strawberries for the winter.
1. With the use of agricultural fabrics.
2. Make a frame on the bed with wooden or stone slabs.
3. With organic materials (leaves, mops, hay, spruce branches, dried twigs).


Caring for strawberries tip #4: Feeding strawberries in the garden

Before flowering, fertilize the crop with Pirimiphos-methyl to protect it from pests. Leaf spots can be treated with copper (copper sulfate, Bordeaux solution).

Tip: After fruiting and harvesting the berries, you can feed the crop again with copper preparations: it will then grow well the following year.


Caring for strawberries tip #5: Don't forget the strawberry mites

The strawberry mite is a common pest of strawberries on our garden plots. It is impossible to detect it with the naked eye because it is too small. The insect leaves its overwintering habitat in May and starts aggressively attacking the leaves and young rosettes of the plant. When infested with mite swarms, the development of strawberries begins to lag behind and the yield of the crop decreases. Damaged shrubs may not survive the winter.

Prevention comes from: the infestation is introduced in the spring: by watering holes or drip irrigation and fertilizing flower beds with a nitrogen solution. It is the lack of nitrogen in the soil that causes the appearance of this pest.

Caring For Strawberries Tip

Caring for strawberries tip #6: How to care for strawberries after fruiting

After fruiting and harvesting, strawberries should be
1. continue to be busy with the picking of the crop and the sprouting of the beard.
2. Remove the above-ground part of the plant to prevent the accumulation of pathogens.
3. Fertilize the flowerbeds with organic fertilizer.

Tip: If needed, leave the green parts of the plants and remove only the damaged parts of the bushes.

What garden strawberry care tips would you offer to other gardeners? Share your experience in the comments!


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