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The techniques used to decorate the greenhouse are the same as those used to decorate the summer house. Japanese style with stone decorations and fountains, or rustic style with wicker baskets and homemade planters. Much depends on the plants you grow: do you grow tropical palm trees or subtropical camellias. In this Bubgo article, I share some of my thoughts on designing and decorating a winter garden. I talk about the basics of style and help you choose plants.

A greenhouse is more than just an oasis and a Mediterranean breeze in your home or apartment. It's also a great way to exercise your design imagination and turn a sunny spot into a work of art.


Which Planting Plants are Suitable to Decorate your Winter Garden
Interesting Facts

In Europe, the first winter gardens appeared in monasteries. Monks managed to grow a variety of exotic fruits, vegetables, and herbs in them. Even now, on the northern islands, the monks harvest an abundance of pineapple fruit every year.


The Difference Between a Greenhouse or An Insulated Greenhouse in a Winter Garden

A greenhouse is a piece of summer kept in a dedicated space. A real greenhouse is not a living corner with flora in pots, but a complete garden with its own microclimate, flora, and fauna.

1. The winter garden is the intermediate room between the house and the garden.
2. A greenhouse or conservatory is usually separate from the house.
3. Greenhouses provide conditions for certain plant species. For example, tropical and subtropical species such as bananas, lemons, oranges, crops, aglaonem, and others. Very high temperatures and high humidity are not comfortable for humans.
4. The winter garden provides a comfortable environment for people to relax and linger, and allows a variety of plants to grow, from cacti to gargoyles to violets.

Types of Structures and Interior Design

The main requirements for greenhouse design.
1. must have good lighting.
2. Have an attractive appearance, both inside and outside.
3. Be sturdy and able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The most common variant is a rectangular, translucent extension on one wall of the house with a single pitched roof. Corner structures and combination structures are also available.

A. A conservatory adjacent to it
The conservatory can be attached to the wall of the house or installed as a freestanding structure, connected to the house by a transparent tunnel or blind.

B. Built-in conservatories
Located in a house or apartment. In apartment buildings, log cabins or balconies are used for this purpose.


Design and Style of Winter Gardens

The choice of a conservatory design depends on many factors but is most often based on a mixture of interior and exterior styles.

The interior design of the garden, just like the exterior of the structure, is best linked to the overall style of the house. However, it is possible to have an interior design that is completely different from the rest of the house.

1. For example, to create a Japanese-style oriental garden that has koi fish and bamboo.
2. usually used to decorate the conservatory. Ethnic, rustic, or natural style, all materials used should be natural and environmentally friendly.
3. In addition, Mediterranean, English, and Dutch styles are often used in the design.
4. Who does not want to stand out, Mexican or African style room decoration will do.

A.Japanese style

To create a garden in this style, you need to know a lot about Eastern philosophy and the design of such a garden. The most important thing here is to plan the garden well and set a harmonious composition.

The Japanese themselves distinguish certain areas that attract visitors. Often, different elements - water, air, earth - collide in these areas. In such a garden there is bound to be a pond, an alpine slide, or a miniature rock garden in which mosses, bonsai trees, and other dwarf and miniature plant species grow in abundance. Stone lanterns are used as lighting. The owner of such a garden usually arranges a corner with low benches and cushions for tea ceremony and secluded relaxation.


B. Rustic (country) style

A large number of plants, various hanging pots hung with macaroons, large clay pots placed here and there - these are the main attributes of such a garden. In such a garden you can create a mini-garden and grow there vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables that you need. We have combined a winter garden with a greenhouse. The floor is covered with stone tiles, the walls are painted and you can make panels or shelves made of wooden slats.

Wicker furniture with rocking chairs is the best. Sofas and armchairs are covered with lattice or patchwork rugs. A brightly colored tablecloth is sure to be placed on the table, and samovar pots and vintage pottery are appropriate.


C. Mediterranean Style

These are bright rooms that exude the scent of the sea and freshness. The floors are made warm and covered with stone or tile. The walls should be softly colored and look like they were burnt in the sun. The furniture should be white or light-colored wicker or wrought iron. A fountain or small pond would be appropriate to raise the humidity of the room and set the mood.

Fruit trees and exotic vines are the most abundant plants. Do not forget about spicy herbs, which will fill the room with a special aroma. Pergolas with climbing vines, climbing roses, or grapes can be placed as partitions.


D. English style

The English are known for their love of gardens and plants. They also spent a lot of time in their winter gardens where they not only grew plants but also "lived", drank tea and coffee, and held family gatherings.

English gardens can follow Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian directions. These directions come from historical events that took place in England. The floors are mostly covered with various beautiful carpets and the windows have beautiful stained glass windows. The furniture is antique and has floral patterns.

1. Victorian-style - originated during the reign of Queen Victoria. The interior looks expensive and the structure itself is built in a rectangular form with a double-pitched roof.
2. Edwardian style - The rectangular shape of the structure and the simplicity of the interior design are the main differences from other trends.
3. Irish Georgian - The interior has many different partitions and the structure is built in a semicircle.


E. Classic style

For those who have a classic interior design, and there are usually quite a few of these, a conservatory in the same style would be appropriate.

The walls are plastered with a special damp-proofing compound, and one or both walls can be decorated with wooden panels, either in a pattern or simply in the same direction. The floor is heated and made of stone slabs. Window frames are best done in the window color of the entire house.

Rattan or leather upholstered furniture in beige tones is appropriate. Various forms of antiques, such as cabinets for pottery, clocks, or statues, will be very appropriate here and will add to the sense of comfort. The perfect solution for such a garden is a fireplace, real or fake, depending on the owner.


F. High-tech style

Many people are attracted by the high-tech style with modern materials and minimalism. Using this style, you can create the garden of the future. The shine of chrome-plated metal, lots of light walls, and glass will give the space an air of its own. The flooring should preferably be made of decorative panels or hardwood floors.

It's a good idea to display your own photos on the walls that you brought back from your travels and arrange them in the same style, such as black and white. Tables and chairs are best made of transparent materials. Palm trees, lemons, and succulents are often placed.


Design and Style of Winter Gardens


Plants in the Winter Garden

If the garden is large, you can create specific conditions for planting different groups of plants in different areas of the garden. This is achieved by creating partitions between different areas.

You need to select the plants you want to plant and maintain constant growing conditions. You should not mix several groups of plants together.
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The most common types of plants chosen for greenhouses are the following.
1. fruit trees and palm trees in pots
2. Spicy herbs
3. Heat-loving houseplants
4. A wide variety of vines
5. Ornamental vegetables and miniature varieties (tomatoes, peppers)
6. Aquatic plants and for coastal areas
7. exotic plants (orchids)

Plants are classified as tropical and subtropical plants.

Tropical Plants for the Winter Garden

Tropical plants require high humidity and a constant temperature of at least 68 °F (20 °C).

These include.
1. mangoes.
2. bananas.
3. Coconut.
4. breadfruit trees.
5. Melon tree.
6. Hibiscus.
7. avocado.
8. fern.
9. moss.
10. bamboo, etc.

Subtropical Plants for the Winter Garden

These are evergreens, most often found in mountain climates. The constant temperature of at least 50 °F (10 °C).

Subtropical areas can be humid or dry. Therefore, when creating a subtropical greenhouse, decide which category it falls into. Based on this knowledge, start selecting plants.
1. Humid subtropical areas are characterized by high humidity, which should reach up to 90%.
2. In dry subtropical areas, humidity does not exceed 60%.

They grow in subtropical regions.
1. ivy,
2. rhododendrons,
3. persimmon,
4. bougainvillea,
5. lavender,
6. camellia,
7. fuchsia,
8. Garnet,
9. lemon,
10.rosemary, etc.

Soil for winter garden

Before laying down the nutrient soil, make sure to put it in a drainage system.

Before filling the soil, you should make a planting plan and know where the plants will be placed. Based on this, mix the soil. For succulents, it will be one mix and for orchids another.

Suggestion: When designing your garden, be sure to create a good drainage system so that excess water does not stagnate in the ground.

Also in a greenhouse, plants can be grown in pots. This makes it easier to care for, but it loses the naturalness of the garden.


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