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How Peony Survived the Winter Trimming, Watering, and Fertilizing


Winter can be a severe test for the beloved peony. Of the herbaceous, arboreal, and Ito hybrids, the latter two require special preparation for winter. Peonies should be cared for immediately after flowering: timely pruning, copious watering, feeding, and mulching. Newly planted peonies, tree peonies, and Itoh peonies must be covered with fleece and peat. You will learn more about How paeony Survived the Winter: Trimming, Watering, and Fertilizing by Bubgo article.


Preparing Peonies For Winter In August

As with most perennials, winter preparations for peonies in the New York area begin after flowering.

The pods are removed along with the first leaves, which are usually underdeveloped. After the petals have fallen off, trim the capsule with clippers above the second leaf.

A. Watering

1. If the weather is dry, peonies should be watered at least once a week, using two buckets of water per bush.
2. Peonies are also watered heavily in dry autumn when rainfall is not sufficient.

B. Fertilization

1. In the third decade of August, a double calcium superphosphate solution was prepared for the peonies to strengthen them before winter.
2. Dilute one tablespoon of fertilizer in 2.1 gals (8 liters) of water, but dissolve the calcium superphosphate in hot water beforehand.
3. Water the peonies with water first, then with the dissolved calcium superphosphate.
4. If there is not enough time, you can water the peonies with calcium superphosphate solution and replace it by sprinkling grass ashes around the shrubs.

If Fusarium wilt is evident on peonies in summer, cut them back to the ground when the stems begin to wilt and water the plant spores with a watering can with a strainer.


Preparing Peonies For Winter In September

1. In the first half of September, water the peonies with grass ashes, cut the flower stems in the middle of the month, and cover the shrubs with soil.
2. Hybrids are pruned at the end of September.
3. Carefully cut off only the leaves before the peonies on the tree are covered.
4. Bone meal and ashes should be placed shallowly in the soil around the shrubs as fertilizer.


Preparing Young Peonies For Winter

Recently planted peonies need special care before winter.
1. Water heavily after planting.
2. Pour a bucket of peat on each shrub before the coming frost.
3. In spring, this plowed ground should be harrowed off as early as possible.


Wintering In Peony Shelters

In the New York area, peonies are mulched every year. You put a bucket of dry peat on each shrub and top it with cut peony leaves.Tree peonies should be wrapped in peat and a hut made of wood or fittings should be built around the shrub, covered with wool and tied to the top for security.Tree peonies in their first year of planting can be covered with cut perennial stems and a cardboard box placed on top, with the cardboard box no higher than the plant.