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A comfortable and picturesque Dutch-style garden is characterized by an elegant combination of plants, straight lines, and perfect order. However, in order to achieve harmony, every 11 square feet (1 square meter) of your plot needs to be taken into account in detail. Here's how to design an original Dutch-style garden. You will learn more about How to Build a Picturesque Dutch Garden by Bubgo article.

Features of a Dutch garden design

1. simplicity and symmetry (a clear composition with distinct boundaries)
2. rationality (efficient use of space and lighting)
3. smooth lines and geometric shapes (clear contours of landings and paths)
4. cleanliness and neatness (absence of debris, fallen leaves, mowed lawns and shrubs)
5. a multi-colored palette (bright, monochromatic plant species)
6. compactness (small plants, medium-sized garden items).

If you want to arrange your plot in a Dutch style, you should divide it into two parts: the front garden and the outdoor area. The front part is the entrance area and the ornamental garden, the backyard part is the vegetable garden and the outdoors.

Plant hedges around the perimeter so that you can enjoy unobstructed views of the flower and shrub arrangement, or use a low fence of grapevines. A small garden (no more than 4 acres) can be divided into several evenly spaced green areas with different arrangements.

Natural stone paving and smooth, clear paths lead to the center of the garden, decorated with vases, sculptures, fountains, decorative wells, or mini ponds. Clear bowl edges and crystal clear water are essential for the pond.

Tip: You can create a flower bed with blue and blue flowers instead of a pond (if there is not enough space) in the form of a pond or river.

Paths are made of paving stones, flagstones, clinker bricks, and pebbles. It is recommended to make the paths in a standard checkerboard pattern in a single color.

How to Build a Picturesque Dutch Garden - Global Leading Online Shop


Vegetation In a Dutch Garden

Landscape design for a Dutch garden involves the use of green as the dominant color. Therefore, there should be plenty of plants on the site. To assemble a Dutch garden, note the bulbs, popular in the Netherlands:
1. tulips.
4. Daffodils.
5. Muscari;
6. Anemones.

Carpets of begonias, pansies, petunias, geraniums, and lambs quarters can be used to thin the bulbs. Ashwagandha, lupine, and ferns are good complements to flower arrangements.

A selection of shrubs will add color and fragrance to spaces outside the house: hawthorn, quince, forsythia, prickly rose, hydrangea, honeysuckle, juniper, wigwam, birch, barberry, and lilac.

In Netherland, conifers (Tuas and spruce) and deciduous trees (birch, willow, cherry) make good neighbors. Choose crops that are resistant to the climate of your area. Remember to take care of the trees planted along a strict route (and not too many of them): shape them beautifully and remove dead wood in time.

The lawn should be perfectly even in color and height, and a small topiary can be placed in its center. If space allows, a bowl-shaped fountain decorated with stucco patterns should be placed there.

Interesting fact: In the Netherlands, camassia is a globular, rather tall up to 40 inches (1 meter) perennial with purple, blue, purple, and white star-shaped flowers, most often planted in the center of the lawn.


Vegetation In a Dutch Garden

The layout of leisure area

The style of the Dutch garden allows to install of a pergola surrounded by a living border and a paved path should lead from the building to the green island. Equip this area with a table and armchairs and place a sunshade on it. Decorate the seating area with small architectural forms.

1. decorative wells.
2. mill;
3. sculpture;
4. cart with flowers.
5. watering cans with painted watering cans.
6. Ceramic figures with domestic animals (geese are especially popular in Holland).

Tip: equip the resting area with furniture. Metal is the strongest. But wooden and wicker furniture without too many curved lines or ornate decorations can also be used.

The average plot size around a vacation home is typically 12-24 acres (5-10 hectares). But even this small area can be transformed by decorating it properly and enjoying the beautiful views of the Dutch garden.

Have you ever tried to create a Dutch garden in your garden? Share your experience in the comments!


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