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Balconies can be used not only as a place for storage and family vacations but also to create a real garden. For example, you can try growing tomatoes on the balcony of your home - they work well. In order to succeed, you need desire, a little patience, and strict adherence to my recommendations. You will learn more about How to Grow Tomatoes on a Balcony or Terrace by Bubgo article.


Diy Garden On The Balcony Or Terrace

In order for you to grow a vegetable garden on your balcony, you need to create certain conditions of light, temperature, and humidity.
1. The room should first be well insulated, removing as many cracks as possible and replacing broken glass.
2. The temperature on the balcony should be at a level of 68-77 °F (20-25°C) during the day and 59 °F (15°C) at night. I solved this problem by installing a heater that can be turned off at night.
3. In addition to the heater, you will need additional lighting on the balcony. Here, you have a choice - plant lights or fluorescent lights. I have used both, and I feel that there is not much difference, you can take the more affordable one.
4. tomatoes need high humidity - 60-70%. This can be achieved by frequent ventilation (if window temperatures allow) or by installing a humidifier. Timely watering also helps to cope with low humidity.


Various Tomatoes Are Grown On The Balcony Or Terrace

Of course, one should not expect a record crop of balcony tomatoes - the fruits will be smaller than the manufacturer of the various claims, but in any case, they will not be inferior to the "original flavor". In addition, not all varieties of tomatoes are suitable for use in cramped home conditions.

First of all, varieties suitable for balconies, where the plants are small:
Balcony miracle (I haven't tried it yet, but others recommended it, so decide for yourself).
All these varieties are unpretentious: they are not afraid of frequent droughts and temperature changes, especially in winter.

Always buy a variety of tomato seeds from a safe place and check the expiration date on the package. Do not buy seeds at discount prices - their germination is likely to have been greatly reduced. I recommend that beginners choose the maximum number of different varieties in order to determine for themselves the 1-2 best ones for growing them in the future.


How to Grow Tomatoes on a Balcony or Terrace - Global Leading Online Shop
Growing Tomato Seedlings

I recommend pre-preparing the seeds and planting them in disposable cups, it is good if they are transparent - it is easier to monitor the development of the plant and the amount of water for irrigation.

1. Bury the seeds no more than 0.6 inches (1.5 cm) and place a few seeds in each cup (then choose the strongest plants).
2. After sowing, cover the cups with foil and place them in a warm place with a temperature of 68-77 °F (20-25°C).
3. Don't forget to water with the cups. Watering should be moderate: do not overfill and do not let the soil dry out.

Usually, buds will appear after a week, then you can remove the film to let air into the buds and move the cup to a slightly cooler room at about 68 °F (20 °C). If this is not possible, then you can open the windows slightly or place them for ventilation.


Transplanting Tomato Seedlings

After two weeks you can select the strongest plants from the pair and transplant them into individual pots.
1. It is best to take pots with a volume of 0.8-1 gals (3-4 liters) because the root system is very strong even in low-growing varieties.
2. At the bottom of the pot, be sure to sprinkle a layer of expanded clay 0.4 inches (1 cm) thick - it will significantly absorb excess water.
3. Fill the pot with soil: 2 parts garden soil, add 1 part river sand and 1 part humus.
For every 2.2 lbs (1 kg) of soil, about 100 g of wood ash and about 100 g of wood ash. 1/2 teaspoon of calcium superphosphate and potassium sulfate.
5. In the center of the soil of pot, dig a hole according to the size of the root system, pour in (100 g of water), trying not to damage the roots, and transplant the seedlings there with a piece of clay.
6. Then sprinkle the gap and squeeze the seedlings with two fingers to compact the soil. Next, the plants need to be transferred to the pre-prepared balcony.


Various Tomatoes Are Grown On The Balcony Or Terrace


Caring For Tomatoes On The Balcony

The main thing to take care of is to provide the plants with 10 hours of light, i.e. turn on the lights before sunrise and turn them off after sunrise. If possible, for example, when it is warm and sunny enough outside, you can open the windows slightly to let fresh air into the room, which is necessary for the full development of the plants.


A. Watering and fertilizing

Additional care is related to watering and fertilizing.
1. Water moderately: about every 3 days, always with room temperature water.
2. The first fertilization is recommended 8-10 days after potting. Her amount is 1 tablespoon. You need to dilute it in a bucket of water and pour 0.13 gals (0.5 l) into each pot.
3. In addition, tomatoes can be fed 1 time in the same way in 2 weeks.


Caring For Tomatoes On The Balcony

B. Pollination

Tip from personal experience - Once the plants have flowered, touch each flower with a soft brush. You can tap the stem of each shrub and brush - this will improve pollination and increase yield.
Fruits can be kept on the branches until they are fully ripe, or they can be picked and allowed to ripen.


C. Pinch pinch pinch

When growing tomatoes on your balcony, don't forget to remove the "unnecessary" branches.
I recommend that you leave only one bud before the first inflorescence. This will produce maximum fruit formation and more active fruit growth.
2. In dwarf varieties, you are likely to leave two stepchildren each. Thus, the shrub will have three stems.
3. Once the small fruits are set, be sure to pinch off the tops of the branches.
4. Inflorescences with small ovaries also split - they will not do any good.


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