How to Restore Soil Fertility and Improve its Structure


The fertility of the soil depends directly on the activity and abundance of the organisms that inhabit it. Maintaining a healthy soil microbiome is a fundamental principle of organic farming. Let's talk about how to improve the soil on your plot so you can get more of the harvest you want for the next season. You will learn more about How to Restore Soil Fertility and Improve its Structure by Bubgo article.


How to Improve The Soil In Your Vegetable Garden

One of the main functions of soil bacteria and fungi is to produce valuable humus in the process of processing organic residues, which has a clear impact on soil fertility. They also help to balance plant nutrients, strengthen plants in the early stages of formation, and improve root growth and development.

It is well known that not only beneficial organisms can infest beds, so their effects on plants must be neutralized in due course: for example, hay bacilli have this function, improving the immunity of all crops growing on the plot and protecting them from the damaging effects of disease-causing fungi and bacteria.


How to Restore Soil Fertility and Improve its Structure

A. Methods of improving the soil of garden plots

The fastest and most effective way to enrich the soil with beneficial microflora is to use them containing various types of beneficial bacteria (e.g. nitrogen fixation, photosynthesis) and fungi (fermentation, yeast) that can improve soil health and fertility.

Note: Use this preparation in the spring before planting and in the fall after harvest. This is best done at the same time as mulching or applying organic matter.

It is not enough to propagate and preserve beneficial microorganisms, as their impact on plants can easily be offset by developing pests and diseases. There are three basic ways to cleanse the soil and keep plants safe.
1. agricultural techniques.
2. Biological.
3. chemical.

Understandably, the latter can only be used in the most neglected and extreme cases, so let's take a closer look at just the first two.

How to Improve Soil Quality With Agronomic Methods

Digging out without turning the soil. It is better to work on the bed with a flat or trencher, so that the soil can be turned without turning it: in this way, the soil stays neater and more fertile.

Use of compost. It is recommended to prepare 2-3 new ones on the plot every year. In the summer, compost the weeds and grass clippings from the lawn, taking care to spread the EM preparation, and in the autumn, shape the beds and put a bag of humus on top of each one.

In the following season, the garden is filled with soil and holes are made for cucumbers, gherkins and pumpkins. In subsequent years, the fertile seedbeds can be incorporated into the general crop rotation of the plot. After harvesting the cucumber or pumpkin stems, the soil is very loose, wormy and easy and pleasant to work with.

Interesting fact: earthworms are an indispensable helper in pathogen control and soil fertility.

Green manure is watered every 2 weeks for the vegetable garden. Keep it in line with the elderberries on the ground by adding humates at the beginning of the season. Aerated compost tea can also be used to improve the immunity of plants.

The gentlest approach to soil microbiota is to sow green crops. This can be done after harvest or three weeks before planting in the spring. The following plants are effective in controlling pathogens.
1. mustard.
2. Rye.
3. Oats.
4. Phacelia

Must be sown after harvesting onions, garlic, early potatoes and cabbage. When they are ready to flower, they are incorporated into the soil.

The cut grass is placed in a bed with nightshade and pumpkin plants as mulch. Microorganisms in the soil will quickly recycle them, so the mulch should be replenished regularly.

Equally important is a well thought out (at least 5 years in advance) crop rotation. This will help reduce soil fatigue and prevent the accumulation of crop-specific diseases. In addition, beds should be weeded promptly and plant residues, which are often breeding grounds for pests and diseases, should be collected. Only humus is used as an organic fertilizer.

Note: Use well-decomposed (3 years or more) horse and cattle humus to enrich the soil of the plots.

Biological Methods For Improving Garden Soil

The method involves the use of special biological agents (fungicides, bionicides and insecticides) that relieve soil fatigue and reduce soil toxicity, while increasing the number of beneficial microorganisms.
1. Phytosporin is effective against fungal and bacterial diseases due to hay fungus.
2. Trichoderma viride eliminates soil fatigue, disinfects the soil and destroys the overwintering and dormant periods of pathogens.
3. Alkaloids are indispensable on poor soils. Promotes the recovery of beneficial microflora and suppresses fungal pathogens.
4. Bacterial Spores is effective against root rot, black tibia and Fusarium wilt.
5. Metarhizium a predatory fungus-based product for protection against pests such as beetles, black beetles, click beetles, and May beetle larvae.
6.Metarhizium a nematicide. It contains a predatory fungus and is effective against nematodes. It is a long-acting preparation.
7. Azotovit microbial fertilizer improves plant uptake of nitrogen, increases yield, suppresses pathogenic microflora, and increases plant defense functions.
8. Phosphatovit a microbial fertilizer improves the uptake of phosphorus and potassium by crops, inhibits the development of pathogens, and protects plants from fungal diseases.
9. Biological fungicide that inhibits the development of fungal pathogens by fungicides that resist fungal infection. Increase the resistance of plants to stress.

Note: To prevent the appearance of diseases, be sure to take care that a sterile substrate based on peat and coconut fiber is used for seedlings before you start sowing, and that the soil added to it is frozen twice.

How do you keep your soil in a resourceful state? Share your experience in the comments!

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