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The gardens and orchards are finished and the crops have been harvested. Nature is preparing for winter. Now is the time to do your winter sowing! Winter sowing of vegetables and herbs will give you an early harvest and free up time for spring work. You will learn more about How to Sow Seeds In Winter by Bubgo article.


Advantages Of Winter Sowing

1. Allows you to save time in the spring.
2. Seedlings will be much more resistant to frost and disease.
3. Harvest is expected to be 2-3 weeks earlier than usual.
4. A new crop can be sown in the same bed after an early harvest - you can get two crops in one season.

How to Sow Seeds In Winter

When To Sow Seeds For Winter?

Winter sowing is done in late autumn when the air temperature has stabilized around 32 °F (0 °C) and the soil temperature is not higher than 35-39 °F (2-4 °C).
It is difficult to say exactly when to sow, as the weather varies greatly from year to year and from region to region.


Where To Sow Seeds For The Winter?

The place for winter sowing should be in an open area and slightly elevated. A place where the water does not stagnate.


What Should Be Sown In Winter?

When sowing in late autumn, choose seeds of early varieties that are resistant to cold, bloom early, and prefer short sunlight. Many vegetable crops can be sown in winter.

1. Green vegetables
leaf salad,
salad mustard,
cucumber grass,

2. cabbage
Peking cabbage.

3. root vegetables and onions
small onion sets;

4. herbs

For winter sowing, 25-50% more seeds should be used than for conventional sowing.

What Should Be Sown In Winter

How To Prepare My Seedbed For Winter?

Prepare your seedbed for winter sowing while the ground is still frozen.
1. add organic matter to the soil.
2. Dig thoroughly.
3. Make shallow trenches at 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) intervals.

Leave the bed in this condition until it is time to sow the seeds. You should also prepare the soil for sowing in advance. Collect 1-2 buckets of dry soil and place them in the house.

How To Sow Seeds For The Winter?

When the frost comes, start sowing when the air and soil temperatures are suitable.
1. Sow the seeds in a furrow.
2. Cover it with pre-prepared soil.
3. Do not water it.
4. Cover with compost or peat.


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