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If you have any stale seeds, or if a neighbor has given you a rare variety to try, you should make sure to stimulate it before sowing. Pretreatment will improve the germination process and speed up germination. Soaking is one way to bring seeds to life. In this process, they are soaked with air, the protective film is washed off and the seedlings emerge a week earlier. This is especially important if you have delayed your sowing date. You will learn more about How to Speed Up Seed Germination By Soaking in Water by Bubgo article.


What Is Seed Soaking?

Soaking is one of the methods used to prepare seeds for sowing and is a simple but effective method of seed recovery.
1. It is used to accelerate germination and improve the germination rate of old seeds, seeds with reduced germination rate, seeds that are difficult to germinate, etc.
2. In essence, soaking is a "hot tub" for seeds. They are placed in a warm tub in which there is a strong supply of air bubbles.

The principle of the method is that the seeds are placed in water that is constantly saturated with bubbles. The bubbles help to wash away the essential oils from the seeds, after which they germinate easily and more quickly.

Due to the soaking, the seeds germinate 10 days faster than seedlings without pretreatment. Soaking in plain water or even baking soda will not produce such fast results.


How to Speed Up Seed Germination By Soaking in Water

Which Seeds Need To Be Soaked?

Any kind of seeds can be soaked, but the most obvious results will be for tightly cooked crops and expired seeds for planting material. Soaking is a stimulus to their development.

Barbs are particularly relevant for umbrella crops. They have a thin protective film of essential oils on their seeds that prevents them from germinating. Thanks to this feature, they can be stored for several years. However, in order to obtain early and vigorous seedlings, the protective layer must be removed. Barbs are the best way to do this.

1. This type of crop mainly includes vegetables and herbs of the celery or celery family.
mustard, etc.

2. Soaking will improve and speed up the germination of seeds you did not know existed.
Therefore, almost all seeds (including tomatoes and onions) can be soaked, with the exception of coated and crusted ones. These husks themselves help stimulate the growth process.

Which Seeds Need To Be Soaked

How Does Seed Foaming Work?

For foaming at home, it is convenient to use a special device for transporting air bubbles. Thus, the seeds are enriched with air and the essential oils are flushed out.

You can use various devices: for example, a winter growing system for onions, hydroponic plants, or an aquarium compressor.

A. Wrap the seeds in a cloth and bind them securely so that they do not fall apart in the process.
1. For large seeds, a gauze or gauze bandage will do, but for smaller seeds, a thin piece of cotton (thin cotton cloth) will do.
2. or you can put the seeds in a small jar (from baby food, for example).
3. If you are grilling seeds of only one crop, you can just pour them into the water and strain them out.

B. Take a container and fill it with water to 2/3 full. Glass, jars, plastic tubs, etc. will work.

C. Place the seed bag into a deep container filled with warm (or even hot) water. The seeds should be completely covered with water.
Place the tube of the device (compressor) at the bottom of the container with water and seeds. Turn on the medium air supply (if adjustable). The foaming time depends on the crop.

D. Make sure that water does not spray out of the jar and turn off the compressor in time.

E. Afterwards, strain the seeds and discard any excess water. Dry them in a single layer on paper towels until they are dry. Then, the completely dry seeds are ready to be sown.


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