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Watermelon is a false berry that ripens in mid-summer or August. It so happens that you want to enjoy its fruits in the cold season. For this case, there is an available way to preserve them through the winter. Today Bubgo this article we will talk about how to store watermelon at home during the winter, see a few simple ways and also learn how to choose the right method for storage.


Watermelon Storage Rules

Many residents in the summer are interested in whether or not they can store watermelons into the New Year? There is no single answer! The shelf life of the fruit depends on the storage method and its characteristics. We will check the easiest and most affordable methods and share the rules that will help to preserve them for a long time.

In order to keep berries longer with their bright appearance and flavor, you should.
1. keep them in a dry, cool room with maximum temperatures varying between 34-41 °F (1-5 °C). The ideal storage room is a basement or cellar.
2. limit the fruit from direct sunlight. It is recommended that they be stored in a completely dark place.
3. store them separately from other fruits or vegetables.
4. do not place the watermelon on a dense, hard surface. Otherwise, deciduous sores may develop and affect the shelf life.


How to Choose Watermelon for Storage at Home or in The Basement

Ideally, fresh watermelons grown on-site with your own hands should be stored. Late ripening berries removed from melons a few days or a week before they are fully ripe are perfect. They keep better than ripe specimens.

When selecting purchased and homegrown watermelons, it is important to consider the following points for storage.
1. the fruit must be intact, without deformations, cracks, and dents in the rind through which harmful bacteria and microorganisms can penetrate and cause deterioration of the flesh.
2. The optimal weight of berries can be up to 11 lbs (5 kg). Do not use fruits that are too large.


How to Store Watermelon for Winter 4 Easy Ways


How to Store Watermelons in The Cellar Over The Winter

Easy ways to store watermelons for several months in an apartment, basement, or other suitable places.

A. Store watermelon in a bag with a thin string

For this method, instead of using the usual bags with holes, use fine mesh, in which is sold beets, potatoes, and other vegetables. Standard string bags with large grids may damage the skin of the fruit through the twisted cords. The fine mesh exerts minimal pressure on the berry skin and provides it with good ventilation. The method is simple: place the watermelon in a mesh bag and hang it from the ceiling.

Tip: Store the fruit in suspension so that it does not come into contact with hard surfaces.

B. How to preserve a winter watermelon in sand

For this method, you will need a cardboard box or a wooden box, and a bucket of sand. The sand is poured into the bottom of the box. In the future, it will take the shape of a berry and act as its pillow, softening the hard surface and preventing the formation of bedsores.

Tip: It is recommended to place the stem of the watermelon downwards. The sides and top, it is completely covered with sand.

C. How to preserve watermelon in hay

Produced in analogy with the previous method, but while preserving the watermelon, hay is used instead of sand. We need a large box or a wooden crate. The hay will serve as a soft pillow for the fruit and will not let him argue. Put a pillow of hay in the box and then put a watermelon on top (stem down). The top must also be covered with a thick layer of hay.

D. How to preserve watermelon in water over the winter

An interesting and effective method of storage is to put the berries in a bucket or tub filled with water below zero. In ice water, it will not lose its valuable properties and will not be damaged by contact with hard surfaces.

Tip: A prerequisite is that the water must completely cover the fruit. It must be replaced every 1-2 months and ensure that it does not freeze.