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Flower growers know that watering with plain water is not enough for houseplants. They need to be constantly fed with a variety of trace elements and minerals. This is vital to the vigorous growth and health of flowers. You can buy ready-made fertilizers at the store or make your own using local resources. In this article, we will discuss how to water planters, and together with the website, we will look at how to water them with special solutions in order to make the flowers grow better.

Home flowers should be fertilized during the growing season and during the blooming season. This will be a different period for each flower. But it is usually during the warmer seasons - from spring to fall - that plants need to be fed regularly.


How to Water Indoor Flowers for Growth: 9 Effective Remedies

Florists have successfully used effective folk remedies to promote the growth of indoor flowers.

A. Banana peel infusion

The results prove that it is rich in trace elements. The flowers love him, but the Decemberists and orchids are especially fond of him. There are long movements.
Cut two peels into bite-size and put them in 0.26 gals (1 liter) of warm water.
1. Cover tightly and leave in a warm place for 5-7 days.
2. Strain out the infusion and dilute it with clean water (1:1). Water no more than twice a week.
3. Squeeze useful micronutrients from carrots for flower growth


B. Squeeze useful micronutrients from carrots for flower growth

A simple and inexpensive method. Plants start to grow vigorously. Increases immunity to diseases. Suitable for all houseplants. Carrots have a wide range of micro and macronutrients.
1. Choose brightly colored carrots.
2. Grate a medium-sized carrot and pour it into 0.26 gals (1 liter) of room temperature water.
3. Leave it to stand for 24 hours.
4. Strainer and water in undiluted form.

The extrudate is rich in micro and macronutrients.


C. Mustard seedlings

It is a natural and nutrient-rich plant growth promoter.
1. Germinate the seeds in a dark place with water. You can take a pot and put a lid on it. After a week, the seedlings and leaves of the seeds will emerge.
2. Grind the sprouts in a blender or mortar. You can add a little water to make it easier to grind.
3. Make a concentrate by adding 0.26 gals (1 liter) of warm water to 100 g of seeds.
4. Leave to soak for 2 to 3 hours.
5. We filter
6. Pour water under the roots, diluted in a ratio of 1:5.

The 9 Effective Watering Planters Ways to Grow Faster

D. Infusion of grass ash to promote the growth of houseplants

Wood ash is the best natural phosphorus and potassium supplement. This is prevention of various diseases. Prepare the solution as follows.
1. Add 100-200 gals of wood ash to a bucket of water. Buckets are available in 2 gals (7.5 liters) and 2.6 gals (10 liters) - it makes no difference. Mix thoroughly.
2. Soak for 2-4 hours and water under the roots. It can be applied once a month.

Wood ash is good for indoor plants.


E. Iodine solution

Iodine should not be used purely! Iodine promotes the active growth of plants and protects them from diseases. Once in the soil, it forms a compound with potassium, which allows for better potassium uptake by plants. Potassium is an essential element for all plants. The root system starts to grow more actively.

Prescription: Add 1 drop of iodine to 0.26 gals (1 liter) of warm water. Stir thoroughly. Water is freely under the roots.


F. Coffee grounds

The easiest fertilization is the simplest. After drinking coffee, do not discard the coffee grounds at the bottom, but water the flowers indoors. Then loosen the soil. This fertilization is good for the roots because it makes them feel good and slightly acidifies the soil - especially for plants that need slightly acidic soil (hydrangeas, gardenias).


G. Brew with tea to make the flowers grow fast

If you have leftover liquor in the kettle, you can use the leftover liquor to water the flowers. However, keep in mind that, like coffee, it adds acidity to the soil. Another unpleasant thing is that black midges and other insects can get infested if poured in the flowers regularly and then have to be dealt with. So, everything is in moderation!


H. Sugar

In the soil, sugars break down into fructose and glucose. They are essential for the active growth of plants. You can water your plants with sugar once a week. Another option is to take some sugar, sprinkle it on the surface of the earth in a pot, and water it. The sugar will dissolve and it will have the same effect!

Tip: Sugar promotes intensive plant growth. Take 2 tablespoons of sugar per 0.26 gals (1 liter) of water.


I. Soaking with garlic

Infusion has proven to be a good growth stimulant.
1. Peel and chop the cloves. You can crush or chop them.
2. You need 100 grams of crushed garlic for every 0.26 gals (1 liter) of water.
3. Let it soak in a dark place for 5 days.
4. Then strain it through a fine sieve or gauze and dilute it with clean water in a ratio of 1:10.
5. Water at the roots. Alternate with normal watering. Take a 2-week break between using garlic infusion.

Mineral Fertilizer for Watering Flowers to Make Them Grow Profusely

Preparation for Stimulating the Growth of Indoor Flowers

The preparations used in watering flowers for growth are also popular.

1. Aspirin
Frequently available pharmacy drugs can also be useful in floriculture. Aspirin solution helps to improve the brightness of leaves, strengthen the immune system and promote vigorous growth. It is recommended to be used no more than once every 2 months during the peak growth period (spring and summer). Take 1 tablet of aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) per 0.26 gals (1 liter) of water. Dissolve it thoroughly and pour it on the roots without dilution.

2. Castor oil
This is also a pharmacological product that helps the plant to grow more leaves faster and improve its immunity. You don't need to water the plant with this solution for a long time. Take 1 teaspoon of castor oil per 0.26 gals (1 liter) of water, mix thoroughly and use immediately. Alternate with white water watering and water with this solution once every two days.

3. Hydrogen peroxide
A household name and an all-rounder. This remedy activates plant growth, induces flowering, and fights harmful bacteria and fungi. In the autumn and winter period, this remedy is used to prevent various diseases. Dilute 2 tablespoons of peroxide in 0.26 gals (1 liter) of tap water and mix thoroughly. Water every other day for 10-14 days. Peroxide helps plants to establish ground cover faster.


Mineral Fertilizer for Watering Flowers to Make Them Grow Profusely

They contain many macronutrients: nitrogen, iron, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, sulfur, and others. All these substances strengthen the root system of plants, improve their immunity and ensure full development and rapid growth.
1. "Plant micronutrient water-soluble organic flower fertilizer" is a flower fertilizer containing micronutrients. This is a concentrated fertilizer containing humic acid and trace elements. It restores the soil and strengthens the immunity of plants. It is applied once a week during the active vegetation period and once a month in winter.
Recipe: Be sure to shake before use. Dilute 5 ml of the concentrate in 0.4 gals (1.5 l) of water. Sufficient water.

2. "Universal Compost". Often found in stores. It is concentrated and fast-acting. It contains a group of micronutrients that contribute to rapid growth. We need 10 ml of this fertilizer for every 0.26 gals (1 liter) of water. Each time you water, you must reduce the fertilizer concentration. Overfeeding plants is also harmful. Plants are watered under the roots - no more than 1 time per month.

3. "Premium multi-nutrient fertilizer" is a concentrated liquid fertilizer complex for ornamental foliage plants. It is suitable for non-flowering plants. Plants start to grow strong and bright leaves, which increase their ornamental appearance. Contains macro and microelements and a growth stimulant. You need 10 ml of the solution for every 0.26 gals (1 liter) of water. Feed at the roots every 7-10 days. Now you know how to water your houseplants for fast growth. Follow our advice and enjoy healthy, beautiful plants!

What do you fertilize your flowers & plants with to promote their positive growth? Share your experiences and tips with other gardeners in the comments

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