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Which Led Grow Lights is Best Tips from the Pros - Bubgo.com Global Leading Online Shop

Growing plants at home-both ornamentals and seedlings-can only be accomplished by providing the right kind of lighting. This can be accomplished by selecting good lighting based on the way light is generated, light output, form factor, and other criteria.

You can only grow plants - both ornamental and seedlings - in your home by providing the right lighting. In the summer, sunlight is sufficient for most people. But at other times of the year, indoors away from windows, plants need extra light. You can choose a good light source that is fully effective based on the way it receives light, the wattage of the light, the form factor, and other criteria. In this article, we will work with the website bubgo to research the most commonly used Led grow lights in the garden and find out their pros and cons, so you can decide which Led grow lights you don't need to buy.

Types of Led Grow Lights

All sources can be divided into sodium vapor, halogen, fluorescent, and LED. using incandescent lamps is theoretically possible - but due to their short lifespan and low efficiency, they have been abandoned in favor of more modern options. led grow lights DRL, have long service times, provide the desired range, are sensitive to voltage fluctuations, take a long time to turn on (up to 15-20 minutes), and run for just brightness drops after 2000 hours.

For backlighting, you can buy sodium discharge lamps, which have the advantage of high efficiency, a life of up to 20,000 hours, and a suitable spectrum. However, this source requires a special ballast, which increases the cost of the system. The high price is also the main reason for not using metal halide sources, which are also very suitable for dimming.

When choosing Led grow lights, you should decide which Led grow lights are better by comparing the two types of Led grow lights - fluorescent and LED. The advantage of the first type is uniform illumination of the space without the need to install a large number of lights. The disadvantages of fluorescent lamps are special coatings that increase the price and the presence of dangerous mercury vapor inside.

LED light source should be chosen because of its low power consumption and life expectancy of more than 50,000 hours. In addition - due to the absence of filaments, heating is minimal and durability is high. LED light sources are harmless to the human eye and create the closest lighting conditions to nature for plant growth.



For the cultivation of indoor plants, you should also pay attention to the spectrum of the lamps you choose. According to this, there are several types of light sources.

1. Bi-color bulbs
The colors red and blue are mixed in the spectrum. A variant that favors seedlings growing on window sill greens or already mature houseplants, illuminated mainly by natural light.

2. Multispectral
A combination of red, blue, and "warm" white provides suitable lighting for plants with dense foliage. Also suitable for houseplants that are already in bloom.

3. Full Spectrum
Suitable for growing crops without sunlight. Light for seedlings in spring. The only disadvantage is that the lights can irritate the eyes and are only recommended for installation in non-residential areas.

To compensate for the negative effects on vision, high-powered lamp types can be used. They differ by the addition of white light, although they are more expensive than full-spectrum light sources. We recommend these lamps for residential rooms where they can be used as supplemental light for flowering plants.

The form factor of the luminaire

Before choosing Led to grow lights for houseplants, it is worth considering whether there are two main form factors - linear lights and round lights with E27 sockets. The first type of light source can be LED or fluorescent. Advantages of linear models include the absence of heat, uniform distribution of luminous flux, ease of installation, and the ability to combine spectra. The disadvantage is the relatively large size.

In the ranking of the best linear models of light models - "Led Plant Light Indoor Garden Germination Box", the price of a Chinese light source is about $ 118.99. It has a red to blue light ratio of 5:1, smart touch-touch buttons, is stress-free, and is easy to operate. Supplied with wire and light kit, Large capacity tank - 4L large capacity tank with zooming see-through window. High power fill light - High power scientific plant fills light. The spectrum includes red and blue light, 1 kWh continuous use average of 2.7 days.

Led Plant Light Indoor Garden Germination Box


Models with E27 sockets are characterized by compact dimensions, powerful local lighting, and simple spectral combinations. They are also relatively inexpensive and can be temporarily replaced with regular bulbs if needed (until the new bulbs replace the old ones). However, this is not an option if diffused light is needed. In addition, spotlights become hotter, which means the bulbs will fail more quickly.

Among the best Led grow lights you can find a lamp type "120W E27 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb", costing about $30. Sunlike Full Spectrum: Upgraded ultra-bright 180pcs solar-like full spectrum high quality Led grow lights, all LEDs are 380nm-800nm full spectrum, providing a more uniform light similar to sunlight for indoor plants, effectively enhancing photosynthesis, thus promoting healthy plant growth and a high-quality harvest. 120W warm full spectrum LED grow light is the most powerful grow light bulb available, providing a more uniform light similar to sunlight for plants, without blinding. highly uniform light that is non-blinding and will not harm eyes or plants. The plant grow bulb has a luminous power of 120W and only consumes about 20W of electricity! Save energy and save money on your electricity bill. Use a standard E26 socket like a light bulb, no need for a special lamp holder. It can be widely used for different plants in different locations. CE, RoHS approved, 100% safe to use, zero risk! No need to worry about fire or safety threats. Use approximately 40 inches above the plant for starting plants and 20 inches above the top of the plant for vegetables and blooms.

120W E27 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb

When choosing the right form factor, consider not only the pros and cons of each type but also the principle of placing plants underneath. If they are arranged in a square or round shape, it is worth choosing a spotlight with an E27 base. If they are arranged in a rectangular or oval shape, linear lights are ideal. They are also suitable for use in greenhouses - not because of the shape, but because of the high wattage.

Sometimes in apartments or private homes, another type of lighting system is used: Fitopanels. they are a system of several lamps that are easier to install than individual light sources and provide powerful localized lighting. However, this type of power is usually only needed in greenhouses - or when growing plants in grow boxes. And such fixtures are significantly more expensive and less effective at cooling than using spot and stick fixtures.

Among the popular and relatively inexpensive plant panels, which are used at home, can be noted the lamp type "150W E27 Sunlike 414 LED Grow Light Bulb". The best choice for improving the health and growth of plants is LED plants to grow light, using the highest quality LED chips (service life of more than 5,0000 hours). This plant grows light bulb is energy efficient, highly luminous, has fast heat dissipation, low power consumption, long life, and soft light. Our LED grow lights provide your plants with the most efficient wavelengths of light to improve photosynthesis and promote healthy plant growth. This LED plant growth bulb is easy to use and easy to install. You can screw it into any common socket to replace any incandescent or halogen bulb. It uses a warm yellow color to illuminate your plants, and this plant grows light and is perfect for young indoor plants grown in a home or office hydroponic greenhouse: succulents, tomatoes, peppers, roses, basil, parsley, eucalyptus, potted plants, flowering plants, and any other fruits and vegetables. This LED plant grow light makes your plants grow faster and healthier. The price is $30.

150W E27 Sunlike 414 LED Grow Light Bulb

Power and Number of Lights

Another way to choose Led grows lights is to calculate the power of the required light source. When choosing, pay attention to the light requirements of each plant, the height of the suspension, and the diameter of the circle or oval created. For example, a tens-watt bulb, when hung at a height of 40 inches (1 meter), provides a good 15.7 inches (40 cm) of illumination on each side. models up to 10 watts, which are recommended to be kept 8-12 inches (20-30 cm) away from the plants, produce a circle about 12 inches (30 cm) in diameter. For 15-watt models, these numbers are around 13.7 -20inches (35-50 cm) respectively.

The number of sources depends on the location of the plant. When choosing where to place the light source, it is worth considering the diameter of the circle to be created and drawing a rough scheme. All flowers and seedlings should belong to the "light zone". So, for example, before choosing Led to grow lights for the seedlings on the windowsill, you can find out the number of lights based on the length of the window. For a bay window, two 15-watt lights are enough for 40 inches (1 meter). A bay window with 60 inches (1.5 meters) needs three 15W bulbs with E27 sockets.

The benefits of buying products from reputable manufacturers are long warranties and high reliability. Trying to save money by buying a model of an unknown brand often results in an inability to return or replace it even if it fails within a year of purchase. Led grow lights from a reliable brand can be replaced even after two years if they fail through no fault of the user. Some garden display lights are guaranteed for up to 2-3 years.

Of course, LED bulbs cannot completely replace natural sunlight, but with their help, seedlings will survive the long winter and spring months, form strong stems and lush foliage, and can be safely transplanted into the ground where houseplants will bloom more often and for longer periods of time, enjoying their flowering almost all year round.

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