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Zamioculcas, or "dollar tree" as it is often called, is a beautiful deciduous houseplant. You will learn more about the Reasons why the leaves and stems of Zamioculcas turn yellow by article.

Zamioculcas plant, or "dollar tree" as it is often called, is a beautiful deciduous houseplant. It is prized for its beautiful foliage and can grow to over 40 inches (1 meter) tall if properly cared for. However, sometimes the leaves of Quercus can turn yellow, dry out, and fall off. This can happen for a number of reasons, the most common being improper care. Let's take a look at what to do if the leaves of Zamioculcas turn yellow and what causes this condition. You will learn more about the Reasons why the leaves and stems of Zamioculcas turn yellow by Bubgo article.


The Structure of The Dollar Tree (Zamioculcas)

First of all, we recommend knowing the structure of Zamioculcus. It has a modified stem that is either below the ground or partially above it. The leaf itself is a green upright petiole with leaf plates (feathers).

The feathers are very similar to the leaves of common plants, but they are part of a single leaf along with the petiole (stem). That is, a green branch with many paired leaf plates (feathers) is a leaf.

Causes Of Yellowing of Zamioculcas Plants and Solutions to The Problem

What are the causes of yellowing flowers?
1. Improper care of the plant.
2. The presence of pests.
3. Diseases.
4. Natural causes (wood deterioration).

Reasons Why The Leaves and Stems of Zamioculcas Plant Turn Yellow
A. What should I do if the dollar tree turns yellow due to improper care?

1. Adequate watering
Zamioculcas is an unusual plant. It has no roots, but rather juicy tubers that do not like too much water. Wet potting soil can cause the plant to turn yellow due to tuber rot.

The crop tolerates a little dryness more easily than overwatering. If it is wet, take it out of the pot and wipe the soil dry. The rotten part should be cut off and the cut sprinkled with pounded activated charcoal. Once the topsoil is dry, give the Dollar Tree moderate watering. In winter, watering should be reduced.

2. Underwatering
Do not assume that Zamioculcas, e.g., leaves can go for long periods without water without being damaged. Lack of water will cause them to turn yellow and dry out. When growing this exotic plant, you need to find a watering medium that suits your conditions.
Tip: Watering needs to be moderate. It is best to water with warm, sedimentary water.

3. When there is not enough light
It likes good light: if it is away from the window, it will turn yellow and new shoots will elongate. Their color will be lighter. It is best placed on a windowsill facing east or west.

4. Too much sunlight
Too much sunlight can also cause the leaves to turn yellow. Avoid placing the pot on a south-facing window or shading it from the sun.

5. Incorrect fertilization
This indoor plant grows rather slowly and therefore does not need to be fed frequently. However, too frequent feeding is also detrimental to its health. If it suffers from over-fertilization, remove the tuber from the pot, check and completely replace it with new soil.

6. Low room temperature or drafts
To keep your green thistle comfortable, the temperature should not fall below 64 °F (18 °C). The leaves will also start to turn yellow if the pot is placed on a cold windowsill next to a windowsill with cold air coming in during the winter.

During the winter, it is best to place some sort of insulation under the pot: any modern insulation or Styrofoam. This will protect the rhizomes from the cold coming from the windowsill.
Tip: Don't put the pot next to a window.

B. If the plant turns yellow when the pest appears

This plant is rarely affected by pests, but it is attacked in winter when the air is dry.

1. Aphid.
2. Sickle.
3. rootworm.
As soon as the insects are found, they must be controlled. All these pests suck the sap from the tree, which causes the leaves to turn yellow.

First, isolate the affected plants from the other flowers. The most severely damaged leaves are removed. In the initial stages of an infestation, these insects can be treated with traditional remedies. If the process is more advanced and complex, the use of special pest control products is recommended.

C. Diseases and natural causes of yellowing of Zamioculcas leaves

Various rots on the stems and tubers of the Dollar Tree are the most common. The tuber rhizomes should be carefully examined and the rotted parts cut off with a sharp tool. Decayed flowers should be removed and transplanted to the fresh, sterilized substrate.

An adult dollar tree will regularly renew its green blocks. Some leaves, often the lower ones, begin to turn yellow and dry out. If this happens to you, there is no need to worry.


Why do The Leaf Tips and Stems (petioles) Turn Yellow


D. Why the leaves turn yellow after transplanting Zamioculcas and how to deal with this problem

Repotting can be stressful for any plant. Even transplants don't always go unnoticed by the green inhabitants of your apartment or garden. If you accidentally damage the fine roots during transplanting, you should sprinkle crushed activated charcoal over the damage.

During the transplanting process, it may happen that a dollar tree is split into several parts. The damage then occurs not only to the fine roots but also to the tubers. These should also always be covered with activated charcoal or coated with green tea.

It is best not to disturb the root ball when transplanting young shrubs. During this process, the plants usually adapt quickly and grow more vigorously.

Tip: After transplanting, the leaves of Zamioculcas may turn yellow, which is a worrying sign. Dollar trees do not need a pot that is too large. In large amounts of soil, the tuberous rhizomes will begin to rot, so the leaves will turn yellow.


Why do The Leaf Tips and Stems (petioles) Turn Yellow?

In winter, the temperature tends to be high and the air tends to be dry, causing the tips of the leaves to dry out and turn yellow. Pots should not be placed near hot heaters and radiators. It is recommended that a humidifier be placed next to the genital tree and turned on for a period of time each day.

Why do the stems of Zamioculcas turn yellow?
1. Lack of lighting.
2. Lack of nutrition.
3. The plant needs to be replanted (the pot is already too small for it).

Lack of light will cause the leaves to lose their rich color and fade, and the branches to turn yellow. You will often notice this in the fall and winter months or when the pot is away from the window. In this case, moving the container containing the Dollar Tree to a new, better-lit location or installing additional lighting will help.

A nutrient-poor substrate or chronic lack of nutrients will negatively affect the growth and condition of the plant. To help the plant, it should be replanted in a new substrate and its feeding schedule adjusted.

Over time, the tree's root system will take up the entire volume of the pot and may even break the pot. At this point, repotting into a new, larger pot with a partial replacement of the soil will help.

Have you ever experienced yellowing of the stems and leaves of Zamioculcas? How did you deal with this problem? Share your experience in the comments!


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