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Color - Silver
Size - 8.5oz (250ml)
Premium Quality - High-quality stainless steel metal for durability and longevity against rust and scratches; modern chrome polished coating
Ergonomic Design - Hand-pressure design with ring-finger holder; conveniently releases a gentle steady mist with a push of the top button
Stylish Functionality - Proudly leave your mister out to raise healthier plants; plants with brown or dry tips will benefit from regular misting
Healthy Plant Solution - Regular misting is helpful for cleaning the dust off the plant leaves and a good way to combat plant pests
Garden Essential - Provides gentle shower to help plants retain moisture in dry conditions; needed for humidity-loving and water-sensitive plants

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Item No. GSWC000023
Categories:  Watering Cans ,
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Color Silver
Size 250ml
Material Stainless steel

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