Wholesale Program

Thank you for your interest in Bubgo Wholesale. In addition to our retail boutiques, Bubgo works with independent manufacturers and factories to offer our product lines in a global merchandise list.
At Bubgo B2B (Wholesale Program), the more you buy, the more you can save. Now, thanks to our Bubgo Wholesale Program, all retail customers can enjoy this incredible experience.



A. Why choose Bubgo Wholesale Program?

1. There are no franchise fees.
2. No MOQ requirements.
3. Bulk wholesale discounts on up to tens of thousands of items directly worldwide.
4. Your company can send us a wholesale inquiry via email to get the lowest quote.
5. You can return sample orders if you order in large quantities (more than 100 pieces).
6. Enjoy professional custom service - OEM/ODM.
7. Neutral packaging.
8. One-to-one customer service by the sales manager.
9. Various payment methods are available for online wholesale orders.



B. Benefits of wholesale

Bubgo online/wholesale a large selection of camping, outdoor, patio, home, and kitchen products for 15 years, providing supermarkets with high-quality products to help enhance customers' outdoor experience.
1. Enjoy a 5-50% discount when ordering directly.
2. Enjoy factory prices when buying in bulk.
3. Free upgrade to wholesale shipping.
4. One-to-one exclusive service.
5. Quality service.
6. Keep track of order status.
7. Get a more detailed delivery time.
8. Personalized product recommendation.
9. Meet your requirements for product logo/size.
10. OEM/ODM goods customization personalization and provide a fast production cycle.


C. How to request an ex-factory/FOB price

Our wholesale program is designed to help you succeed, and we take pride in treating our wholesale partners with the same care that we give to all of our customers.

C1. Get wholesale prices by email.
If you are interested in our wholesale program, please contact us by sending a product link and quantity to [email protected] We will be in touch to provide more detailed information, including receiving our wholesale price list and trade terms.
You will receive a factory price within 24 hours.


C2. Ways to place orders
1. Through online trading
View the products and add the ones you need to your shopping cart. Don't forget to choose the size and color, quantity. Then submit the order.


2. Sign the transaction contract by email
For OEM/ODM goods, more freedom to customize with the development of related service terms.


C3. Get Invoice
After placing an order, we will send an email invoice to confirm your order information.


C4. Payment
Payment will be completed upon receipt of the invoice. Order processing will begin upon receipt of payment due. A tracking number and tracking link will be sent to your email address after placing your order.



D. FAQs for Wholesale Program

D1. Is there a catalog/price list?
We currently have a catalog for some items and a price list for all items because our product line is constantly changing, and we always focus on offering the lowest prices to our customers. You can view all the information about our merchandise on our website. If you have any specific questions, we recommend that you contact one of our customer service representatives.

Please let us know the product ID and quantity you would like to purchase, and we will send you a quotation.


D2.Who can join the wholesale program?
1. People who want to save more
Even if the quantity is small, you can still enjoy a wholesale discount.

2. Companies who need to reduce cost
The more you buy, the more you will save

3. High-quality sellers
More than 1000 quality brands available for wholesale


D3. Do I need to pay import duty for my order?
You are responsible for all import taxes and duties that may be charged on your merchandise as it passes through customs. Many countries do not charge import duties on personal items below a certain specified value. However, you may find that you have to pay taxes when the goods you order from us arrive in your country.

We recommend that you check your local regulations before ordering from us. bubgo cannot provide you with advice or information about tax rates and customs fees in your country.

D4. Are there other options for me to place wholesale orders?
In addition to online orders, we also accept email or third-party platforms.

D5. Can I get a discount on a large purchase?
Yes, you can get the lowest ex-factory or FOB price. You can request to get the ex-factory or FOB price after contacting us. Once we receive your request, we will try our best to provide you with a lower price.

D6. Can I have my freight forwarder pick up the package from your warehouse?
Yes, you can.

D7. What are your warranty and return policy for wholesale orders?
Warranty - If you receive a defective product, we can offer a refund, replacement, or repair for all products. However, each product has its specific warranty period.

For more information about our warranty, please refer to the following pages.

Returns - In most cases, returns can be made within 3 days of delivery if a delivery date cannot be determined or within 30 days of shipment (40 days for Brazil and Russia).

For more information on our return policy, please refer to the following pages.


D8. Can I customize my exclusive products?
Yes, you can. Please send us a link or picture of your product. Our product manager will try to find it for you, and we can also print 3D models (samples) for your company if you provide us with 3D design drawings.


Thank you for your interest in our wholesale program for commercial customers. We want to be your partner in success!
How can I contact you for more help or information about the wholesale program?
Email: [email protected]


Have a question? Please contact us.